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We’ve Got Eggs!

The female bluebird has been busy laying her eggs. It looks like it’ll be four bluebird babies this time. Mama has started roosting so we should see some little bald babies between May 7th and 9th.

Bluebird eggs

Female guarding her nest

White Pine Photo

Sparrow Spooker

In the past several years we’ve noticed more sparrows showing up in the yard. Even though we love all of the birds, sparrows are like the block bullies. In an effort to protect our bluebirds and their babies, we did some research on how to keep the sparrows from going near the nesting box. Last year we discovered the “sparrow spooker” and it was literally a life saver for our bluebirds.

This website sells sparrow spookers and supplies to make your own.¬† We order the Mylar scare tape and build our spooker. When we put it up last year we read that it’s best to wait until after the bluebirds have laid their first egg. They are less likely to abandon the nest at that point. This year because we noticed the bluebirds fighting off a few sparrows while they were in the nest building process, I decided to make a new one and put it up right away.

Let me insert a little helpful information here. Don’t run to the store and get a Mylar balloon (like I tried last year), cut it up into strips and use that thinking “Hey, it’s Mylar”. They curl and become ineffective by the end of the first day.

There’s nothing really pretty about a sparrow spooker except the Mylar strips waving in the breeze. I build them out of whatever wood I have handy. As long as it’s sturdy and I can attach it to the post the nesting box is on, I consider it a success. When I put it up this year, it took about a half hour for the bluebirds to be comfortable around the box again. They took turns checking it out, flying over it, under it, around it, etc. Soon they were perching on it as if it had been there forever. We haven’t seen any sparrows near the nesting box since we put it up.

White Pine Photo

White Pine Photo

White Pine Photo

The Bluebirds are hard at work building their nest. They have a daily routine of building in the morning, taking the afternoon off and then coming back in the early evening to add a little more.

female bluebird





The Bluebirds are back!

We put up a new nesting box for the Bluebirds this year. Last years box had to have a mid season roof repair. There’s always a feeling of “I wonder if they’ll come to a new box”, but it took about an hour after it was up and here they came. One interesting side note about the bluebirds…….we discovered they were roosting in the barn swallow nests under the porch eave since at least February. It could be earlier than that, but we hadn’t noticed until then. Every night they’d show up as soon as it got dark. There were three of them. Two in one nest and one in the other.

We’re thrilled to see them working on a new nest and I’ll keep you posted on their progress all the way through the fledging.

The happy couple.


Bluebirds - White Pine Photo

Grasshopper, Anyone?

As long as there are bluebirds, there will be miracles and a way to find happiness.
Shirl Brunnel

Female Bluebird waiting to bring her babies a grasshopper

A little blueberry chaser




The female Bluebird flying in some lunch for her babies. She seems to have overshot the runway a little. They can’t all be perfect.

Dinner time

Indeed, this bird seems incapable of uttering a harsh note, or of doing a spiteful, ill-tempered thing.
John Burroughs, The Bluebird, 1867

The female  bluebird with another meal for her babies

Zen of the Bluebird

The bluebird carries the sky on his back.
Henry David Thoreau

Every day I see the bluebirds nesting in our backyard, and every day I’m more in awe. They have no newspapers, television or internet, and yet they have it all figured out. We have so much to learn.

To follow the nest building, egg laying, hatching and fledging of these bluebirds, check out The Bluebird Diaries by Elizababble.

One Bluebird, One Shot

Sometimes you get lucky and this guy strikes a pose. Thanks, Bluebird.
Male bluebird

Fly By

Our backyard is a bluebird vacation spot. We love having them spend their summers with us and in turn we get to watch multiple broods of bluebird babies join the world. All of these pictures are shots of the bluebirds flying into, out of, or near the nesting box.

04/01/12 - Whoaaaaaaa!

Incoming!     5/11/12


05/10/12 - Feeding the babies


Jump!    -    05/12/12




Mom luring a baby out with a worm






Mom and baby bluebirds

For more pictures and the daily life of this feathered family check out this great blog written by Elizabeth Homza: Elizababble.



The bluebirds arrived in our yard in March this year (2012) and got right to the business of nest building. They might be my favorite bird to photograph. All of these pictures are of the same male and female from March through May.

One of my favorite shots of the female

Female Bluebird

Male standing guard


Bringing food to the newly hatched babies

Spider snack

Dinner Time



Nest Building

Male Bluebird checking on the nest progress
Male Bluebird

Male Bluebird

Bluebird Babies

Five baby bluebirds fledged the day I took these pictures. I was so glad I was able to photograph it all. I expected them to leave the box and maybe fly a few feet; instead they flew out of the yard, over the neighbor’s house and were on their way! We have recently seen them all back in the yard at various times.

First look at the world outside of the nesting box

Female coaxing them out

Thinking about it….

A little more coaxing from Mom


And off she flew…..