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Let there be color!

We’ve been on vacation up on Mackinac Island for a while but it’s back to reality now! This coming week all of my posts will be shots of Mackinac. Today’s pictures will be of the drive up there. It’s about a six hour ride from home and the further we got into Michigan, the more vibrant the trees became. We always stop in Big Rapids to stretch and gas up the Jeep. @Elizababble took over driving so I could take pictures.

Michigan Autumn Colors - 2012


Michigan Autumn Colors - 2012

Michigan Autumn Colors - 2012


Michigan Autumn Colors - 2012

Michigan Autumn Colors - 2012

Michigan Autumn Colors - 2012

Be a Tree’s BFF

Be a gentle friend to trees and they will give you back beauty, cool and fragrant shade, and many birds, singing.
– Unknown

Baby Hummingbird

Yellow Finch

Female Red Finch

My Little Chickadee

Today we were visited by four Chickadees. We’ve never seen them in the yard, although friends that live about a mile away have recently seen them in their trees. Needless to say, I grabbed my camera and started shooting.


I decided to mix up the pictures in this post. No theme, no rules, just shots from random good times. Thank you for taking the time to give them a look.

This was on the “Grand Avenue Tour” in Mammoth Cave. When they say it’s a “physically demanding” 4.5 hours; believe them. It was incredible!

Baby elephant having a little snack

Snow Covered road at the Indiana Dunes taken with a fish eye lens.

Summer on the beach

Ryba’s Fudge Shop – Mackinac Island

She was beautiful. Had a little spitting habit, but aside from that….

Mackinac Island

Baby Song Sparrow

Museum of Science & Industry – Chicago, IL